Thunderbolt – The Mercedes-AMG GT S by Luethen

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Handcrafted by racers for the enthusiasts, the Mercedes-AMG GT S has the right genes to run the racetrack. The tuning house Luethen Motorsport gave the Affalterbach GT S a boost for the mission: now the racetrack thunder scares rivals off with its meaner look.

Luethen Motorsport touched the looks of the GT S, but they never dared touch the engine, so the fireball still runs the 0-100 km/h distance in 3.9 seconds, all thanks to its AMG-made 510 HP 4-liter V8 biturbo, that shoots the car all the way to its top speed of 310 km/h (193 mph). The power goes straight to the rear wheels of the sportscar via the 7-speed dual cluth automatic transmission.


Now that we’ve got that cleared, let’s take a look at the… looks! The Hamburg-based tuning company upgraded the solid silhouette of the GT S by fitting it with a body kit that is likely to be seen in the GT3 racing.

A carbon fiber front splitter, aero blades on the sides, a revised rear diffuser and a carbon fiber huge rear wing for extra downforce.

The thunderbolt got a new set of SERIE 1 wheels wrapped in Michelin rubber, together with a coil-over suspension for a better and sportier handling on the racetrack. These are the details turning the GT S into a fierce circuit beast.