Bizarre Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a boot lid too small for all the names it’s got

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It’s a Maybach. No, wait, it’s an AMG. Oh, no, you got this all wrong. It’s got the Brabus logo on it as well. Well, it’s probably nothing but a wannabe.

Elegance and class have gone down the drain. This car bearing so much conflicting information was spotted parked somewhere in Belgium. A Redditor took it online, ironically calling it a “gem”, before Autoevolution spotted it on the forum.

We don’t get to see it from the front and that’s maybe for the better. The rear end is more than enough for us to get the point. It reads “S 63”, “Brabus”, “Maybach” and V12. It also sports the double-M Maybach logo. But the letter found room where the three-pointed star used to be. Its circle is still in place. Yes, this car has obviously seen better times.

And that rear end would’ve probably displayed so much more, but there is no space left for any logos or letters. That is probably why the owner placed the “AMG” lettering right under the rear bumper.

There is chrome decorating just about… everything on what used to be a luxury sedan. And where is no chrome, there are some contrasting yellow accents.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class uses the “F” word. No, not that!

As much as we can see in the photos, all these letters and logos show up on the front fender as well. And something weird comes right out of the rear door. But only the mighty god of kitsch knows what that is. It’s probably best for us to stay ignorant.

And there are no fewer than twelve exhaust tips, if we counted right. It seems like the owner could just not make up his mind about where the exhaust gases would come out. Actually, it’s hard to spot which ones are real and which are there for the sake of the art. Oh, sorry, we shouldn’t have used the “A” word here. Especially when the owner of this (former) Mercedes-Benz S-Class uses the “F” word for his registration plates. And it’s not even spelled right. An “A” replaced the usual “U”. He must’ve skipped his English classes in school.