How many videos are too many? Here is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio trailer

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How many videos of a new Mercedes-Benz model are too many? We would never dare to think watching this car, the Mercedes-S-Class Cabriolet, for hours and hours is too much. So here is the most intense of all that is out on the internet: the trailer of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio.

We have already brought you the first video that surfaced the internet, just as the official photos of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio was out into the world. But this is different. This is like a video that is just being played on MTV in the ‘90s and everyone was stuck like glue to the screen.

The music in the video of the Mercedes superstar starts slowly, giving us the time to adjust our sight to the bright white AMG parked in front of a cubic-style mansion. The roof folds down, the AMG engine breathes in and then the car, together with its driver, is teleported on a winding road, a favorite for the Mercedes vehicles.

Another grey cabrio with all-white interior starts out on a similar road.

One minute after the video starts, the music turns more intense and it looks like the two drivers are pushing the pedal to the metal in their convertibles.

The beat slows down for a while to show us the dark red interior in slow motion and to enchant our eyes with all the AMG details of the cockpit. You can click “Pause” just to get a better look. We completely understand. But that’s as slow as it gets, because the insane ride starts again soon.

The destination of the two AMG vehicles is one and the same. They go back to the futuristic looking home and sit quietly in front of it until the next ride. Or until the next video of them comes out. Or isn’t it out already?


Check out all tech specs right here: Official: full info about Mercedes S-Class Cabrio (with video)