Here Comes the New eSprinter, Mercedes-Benz Says It’s the Most Efficient eVan

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Here comes the brand-new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and the company claims it is the most efficient and versatile e-van they have ever built. It is only the second generation of the e-van though. And this time, it will set wheels on American soil.

Mercedes-Benz has invested around 350 million euros in the new vehicle and hopes it was all worth it.

The eSprinter comes in two body styles and lengths and three battery sizes. Mercedes-Benz has changed a few figures here and there to make it viable in the U.S. It came up with a different battery pack and subsequently, with better range than the previous 115/150 kilometers (71/93 miles) according to the WLTP cycle. This is how the manufacturer convinced the Americans not only to import the electric van but also build it. Therefore, the eSprinter will also roll off the assembly line of the Charleston, South Carolina, plant. The units for the European market will see the light of day in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

So what are the changes? First things first. The zero-emission range-topping van can now drive as far as 400 kilometers (249 miles) in both urban and non-urban roads and 500 kilometers (311 miles) in cities only.

In Europe, Mercedes delivers the eSprinter with three battery packs. The 56-kWh will be for the entry-level version. Higher up in the range, we find the 81-kWh battery. The 113-kWh unit is for the top of the range, which requires around 40 minutes to charge up to 80%. The batteries contain no cobalt or nickel. The 11-kW onboard charger is standard.

The lineup starts with a 100-kW (134 HP/136 PS) version and ends with a 150-kW (201 HP/204 PS) unit. The latter might be the only one to end up in the U.S. In North America, the only body style available at launch will be the long wheelbase panel van with the biggest battery. It is capable of carrying 14 cubic meters (494 cubic feet) and features a gross permissible weight of 9,370 lbs (4.25 tons).

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

The MBUX system with voice control, previously available only on passenger cars,  will be on board. And so will the navigation system, which will help drivers find the best of routes.

European customers will be getting the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter starting at the end of this year, with the North American customers getting it in the second half of 2023. No fewer than 60 markets will be receiving the e-van.