2021 Mercedes sales: record for Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and G-Class

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Despite the coronavirus epidemic and the semiconductor crisis that led to a decline in overall Mercedes sales , sales of the Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach divisions as well as the G-Class increased significantly.

Mercedes sales results for 2021 show that the strategy presented at the October 2020 shareholders’ meeting correctly anticipated the potential under the Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and G-Class brands.

Mercedes-AMG sales increased 16.7% to 145,979 units. Mercedes-Maybach sales also rose 50.7% to 15,730 units due to extraordinary demand in the Chinese market where Mercedes-Maybach sold more than 900 units per month.

Sales of the Mercedes G-Class reached a new record of 41,174 units as demand far exceeded production and the waiting time exceeded one year.

The Mercedes S-Class luxury limousine also recorded a very good result, whose sales increased by 40.7% to 87,064 units. And the success of the S-Class is due in part to the Chinese market, where 35.5% of S-Class models are sold.

Also, the electrification policy showed its fruits and the sales of electrified models (PHEV and pure electric) increased by 69.3% to 227,458 units. Of these, 48,936 units were purely electric models (+ 154.8%). Along with vans and smart models that are now exclusively electric, sales of pure electric models have exceeded 99,000 units.

The Mercedes EQS luxury limousine had an exceptional start with orders of 16,370 units since its launch in August 2021.

2021 Mercedes sales: Total sales affected by the semiconductor crisis

Instead, the semiconductor crisis has left its mark on total sales, especially in the fourth quarter. Thus, in the fourth quarter, sales decreased dramatically by 24.7% to 475,968 units. This decrease affected the sales result for the whole year 2021. Last year, 2,093,476 units were sold, 5% less than in 2020.

All regions of the globe are declining except for North America. In North America, 318,456 units were sold in 2021 (+ 0.3%), of which 276,102 units in the USA (+ 0.4%).

In contrast, sales fell 1.6% in the Asia Pacific region to 1,009,763 units, the largest market in Asia, China, down 2% to 758,863 units.

The largest decrease was recorded in Europe, with 11.2% to 696,136 units, accentuated by the dramatic decrease in Germany, with 25.5% to 213,105 units.

Q4 2021Change in %Q1-Q4 2021Change in %
Mercedes-Benz Cars475,968-24.72,093,476-5.0
Mercedes-Benz Vans (commercial models)90,532-12.9334,2102.6
Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans566,500 -23.02,427,686-4.0
– thereof BEVs35,02629.799,30190.3
Mercedes-Benz passenger cars sales by region and market      
- thereof Germany60,591-36.4213,105-25.5
- thereof China166,660-18.6758,863-2
North America70,370-21.1318,4560.3
-thereof U.S.60,326-22.7276,1020.4