The long awaited Mercedes-Benz ad – This is no fairytale!

Mercedes-AMG GT at the Super Bowl
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On your marks! Ready, steady, go! And it is finally here! This is the commercial that we’ve been waiting for ever since 2013, when Mercedes broadcast their last video ad at the Super Bowl. The Big Race has already started for Mercedes-Benz, long before the most viewed sports competition of all times, the Super Bowl.

This is the video Mercedes-Benz will be airing in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. It is the Big Race between the tortoise and the hare, a contemporary approach of the Aesop’s fables. These are the 60 seconds that the Stuttgart company had to pay no less than $ 9 million dollars for ($4,5 million dollars per 30 seconds of the in-game advertisement space). But it’s a win-win situation, since over 100 million viewers are expected to watch it during the Sunday’s big game.

The turtle walks slowly through the forest and has a snail moving in a slow motion-like speed, at his side to encourage him all through the race, while the speedy hare rushes to the finish line.

AMG GT Mercedes-Benz Ad

We’ve been waiting for this since 2013!


But there is something that deflects the turtle from focusing on the most important race that ever took place in the forest. He spots the AMG factory at a distance and walks right in, just in time to see the Mercedes-AMG GT having its engine mounted. While the hare wastes time chit-chatting and playing cards with his pals, not worrying about his rival for a single moment, the tortoise overtakes him by driving the madly engined fire ball, the car launched by Mercedes-Benz on the 9th of September, at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

And have you noticed who’s in the passenger seat, waving at the hare? That’s right! It is the hare’s date (no, not the Playboy bunny!) sitting right next to the winner of The Big Race, as Mercedes-Benz called it. This is no fairy tale!