So this is what it’s made for – Mercedes-Benz X-Class

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The Germans have released a video suggesting what the company’s latest luxury pick-up truck is made for. Unexpectedly, the car maker does not keep the high-ride vehicle away from the really brutal off-road.

It saw the light of day as the world’s most luxurious pick-up truck and the latest video confirms that it can act as both a family car and an off-roader. A picnic set, a video camera and even a hot-air balloon can fit inside the bed of the vehicle, while friends and family can comfortably travel on-board.

Pushed forward by a 2.3-liter turbodiesel engine with 163, 190 horsepower respectively, the X-Class offers three distinct trim lines: Pure, Progressive and Power, with the latter being offered with a V6 engine starting next year. A 165-horsepower petrol engine will also be available outside Germany.

The X will hit the showrooms across Europe in November and it will reach South Africa in early 2018. South America needs to wait longer. The luxury pick-up won’t cross the Atlantic before 2019.