Hotel Actros? This is the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck that became a 2-story hotel

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There is no way you can find this hotel using your navigation system. That is only because it changes location just about every day. So take a tour and maybe boo a room at the Mercedes-Benz Actros hotel.

The usual RV’s and Camper vans are so dated. This is the new fashion in camping. It’s stylish, it generously provides comfort and safety and it still keeps the bohemian atmosphere of the outdoor life. And it can all be found in a Mercedes-Benz Actros converted into a hotel. The hotel-on-wheels is especially dedicated to those in search of adventures and it is favored by surfers, since it can park right outside the beach.

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Traveling or parking by the name of Truck Surf Hotel, the accommodation facility was the idea of travel enthusiasts Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, both coming from Portugal. Passionate about various cultures and surfing, they had been traveling for years in a camper van, exploring Europe and Africa. One day they thought that it would be a great idea to have people sharing their hobbies around. And so the Truck Surf Hotel was born.

The accommodation includes driving through various natural parks. Surf tour packages and views to behold. It goes around Portugal for the summer, from June to October, and it moves to Morocco for the winter and early spring, from January to April. Daniela Carneiro plays the travel guide and photographer parts, while Eduardo Ribeiro is the surf coach.

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A hydraulic system enables the expansion of the walls and the ceiling, so that the Truck Surf Hotel provides hotel-standard accommodation. It integrates five rooms with air conditioning, four of them including double beds and a room for couples. The owners though recommend traveling alone, since they want to “create an environment where people get to know each other through epic adventures.” But group packages for eight people minimum, are available as well.

A trip across Morocco, to get the African vibe, starts at $588 and it’s the best choice for surf rookies, while the Portuguese adventure on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean comes for $724.