The debut of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS is inching closer, so the testing period must soon come to an end. The 4-door coupe has been put through its paces again and again. Here is the latest spy video at the famous Nurbugring!

The full production body and lights of the cars that were out on the racetrack confirm that the testing cycle is almost complete, so the thrid generation of the CLS will soon come out in all its glory. The almost production-ready prototype, slotting between the E-Class and the recently updated S-Class flaghship, might be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this very fall.

Sleeker than the platform donner E- and lower price than its biggest sedan sibling, the S-Class, the sensual sporty lines of the CLS are wrapped in layer after layer of camouflage that is not come off until the end of August.

The CLS, initially rumoured to bear the CLE moniker, but eventually getting back to its traditional one, is likely to borrow the E-Class powertrains and reports show that a Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 is in the pipeline, powered by a turbocharged inline-six 3.0-liter engine and an electric unit, making up for a combined output of around 500 horsepower.