Daimler helps victims of hurricane Harvey

Texas, USA
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Daimler donates 1 million US dollars for direct relief efforts. The money will go straight to the account of American Red Cross.

Mercedes-Benz USA, Mercedes-Benz US International, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Daimler Trucks North America are joining forces to give a helping hand to the population affected by Hurricane Harvey in southern United States. The companies together will donate 1 million US Dollars in total to the people who have been affected by the tropical storm’s catastrophic impact. The American Red Cross is to receive the money and will use it for immediate disaster relief, emergency assistance and other services needed by the victims of the hurricane.

The American Red Cross is working around the clock in Houston, Texas, and other affected cities and states to help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated. The hurricane is one of the biggest rainstorms in the history of the United States and has left a path of destruction and flooded areas. An estimated 30,000 people will need temporary shelter and financial assistance. 500,000 vehicles could be totaled and scraped and car makers provide discounts for those who are trying to get their lives together and buy a new automobile.

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle.