Guarding the new GLE from Tuscaloosa to New York

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 Under the banner “guarding the new Mercedes-Benz GLE” international opinion leaders and various social media communicators and bloggers will hit the road on a five-day trip from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Mercedes-Benz GLE world premiere at the New York International Auto Show.

The 2,600 kilometres road trip will provide digital communicators with a first picture of the new GLE ahead of the official presentation at NYIAS. Just like in the past years, they will be recording their impressions in texts, images and videos. Anyone interested can follow the road trip under hashtag #mbrt15.

The first Mercedes-Benz road trip took place in the spring of 2012 to mark the world premiere of the new A-Class, as the result of an idea developed by digital opinion leaders and the luxury car manufacturer.

For many years now, Mercedes-Benz has been among the most successful and innovative brands on the internet, a well-known fact proved by independent studies conducted by eBench or SocialBakers, for example.

Mercedes-Benz GLE, W 166,  face lift 2015

The success hasn’t been measured in terms of the number of fans and followers, but first of all by the high degree of interaction with people on a variety of different social networking platforms. The extensive online and social media activities by Mercedes-Benz are an integral part of a ‘Digital Media House’ in which Mercedes‑Benz presents premium brand content in editorial form and publishes it across the entire range of digital channels. For a number of years Mercedes-Benz has systematically opted for high-quality ‘content telling’ in the digital environment, establishing itself as a brand publisher across the social networks.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz maintains professional relationships with international opinion leaders from different fields – automotive, technology, fashion or design – who are invited to company’s social media events, exhibitions, workshops and the classic press drive events.