Honda Races the C-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
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Honda races the Mercedes-Benz C-Class! No, not the Japanese car Honda! But the Japanese soccer player Honda! The AC Milan midfielder, Keisuke Honda, has become brand Ambassador of Mercedes-Benz Japan and has just starred in the TV ads series.

Keisuke Honda has signed a sponsorship deal with Mercedes-Benz just a day before his birthday, on 12th of June. He turned 28 on the 13th. The over-night sensation of Japan’s national team, Honda has recently filmed the advertising videos for Mercedes-Benz. First, Honda stares right into the LED headlamps of the C-Class like in an intimidation game, in the video recently aired in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The second video released depicts a one-on-one race with a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Station Wagon. So ladies and gentlemen, place your bets before you look to see who’s faster:

Honda races the C-Class, although Milan has a car sponsor that has monopolized the soccer high-class. The Japanese must drive a Mercedes each time he goes public.

The Japanese soccer player has brought tons of money to Milan. A Japanase tire-manufacturer has recently signed a 2,5 million euro deal with the rossoneri. They are the second Japanese sponsor to come on board since Honda’s January arrival in Italy.

So yes, Honda is a money-maker for AC Milan. In January 2014, when the Italians brought him from CSKA Moscow, everybody thought that the move was just another typical Serie A publicity stunt. When taking him from Russia, Milan has defeated rivals like Chelsea, Valencia, Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, that were also trying to get his signature on a million euro contract. Currently, Honda’s financial figures go up to 2,75 million euros per year. But of course, soccer is not his only income source.

Keisuke Honda Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Even though he scored in his full-debut match, the Japanase midfilder had a disappointing first season in Italy. “This is not me”, he stated himself. But later on, everything completely changed for the Milan number 10. By the beginning of autumn, he became a number 1 in Filippo’s Inzaghi team. With 6 goals scored in the championship, Honda’s still on the run to become a Serie A goalgetter, currently led by Carlos Tevez from Juventus, who scored 9 so far.

As for the national team, the new Mercedes-Benz brand Ambassador has already earned 50 international caps since 2008, playing at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and winning the 2011 AFC Asian Cup, where he was also awarded with the Player of the Tournament title.

With an impeccable image of a family man and married since 2008 with a Japanese beauty who is still a kindergarten teacher, Keisuke Honda is the proud father of a son.