Mercedes-AMG Project ONE – Formula 1 technology comes onto the road

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The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE makes its debut at the International Motor Show in 10 days from now in Frankfurt. The two-seater supersports showcar is nothing but the bold transfer of Formula 1 hybrid technology onto the road.

The fully-fledged racer makes use of over 1000 horsepower to hit a top speed of over 350 km/h. The high-performance concept car brings together outstanding racetrack evolution with day-to-day road behavior and top-of-the-range efficiency.

Mercedes has already show the powertrain and the contour of a hypercar in teaser photos. Now it proudly presents the front of what seems to be a monstrous vehicle with a low stance and muscular proportions with massive fenders flanking the cockpit.

The evil-looking car will be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 supplied by the company’s Formula 1 subsidiary in Brackley, UK, with the support of four electric motors, with two of them mounted on the front axle, one integrated with the turbocharger to provide the compressor spin and the last, but not least, will be connected to the crankshaft to help power the wheels.

Only 25 of such Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercars will see the light of day, sold for a price of 2.5 million dollars approximately. Rumours have it that the super limited edition is already sold out. First customers will receive their hyper beasts in mid-2019.