Mercedes C 450 AMG 4Matic first drive test: the AMG for the people

Mercedes C 450 AMG 4Matic
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By the C 450 AMG 4Matic, Mercedes is giving an attractive alternative when it comes to cost to the fabulous C 63 S. It is obviously cheaper, but, at the same time, it is an AMG. First impressions from Portimao, Portugal.

Mercedes-Benz found the key to the door of a new niche. Between the C-Class civilian models and the AMG ones, there was still room for something. They call it the AMG Sport Line range and the positioning is clear:

– the components of the drive train and those of the braking system are taken from the AMG models

– the automatic 7-speed gearbox with shorter response times also features AMG settings

– the customization of the interior takes many of the ideas of the AMG models

– the engine is provided by Mercedes and not by AMG, but it is mandatorily mated with the all wheel drive.

Pretty much this is the theory. Let’s see how the practice goes. For the C 450 AMG 4Matic, Mercedes used the excellent 3-liter V6 biturbo from the C 400, where it delivers 333 CP and 480 Nm. For the AMG version, it got some extra 34 HP and 40 Nm, as it is mated with the 7-speed automatic transmission and with an all wheel drive with a sporty fixed torque distribution: 33% to the front and 67% to the rear.

Just like in the C 63 S and the C 63, the drive train can also be set in five modes. Only the Race mode is missing and it has been replaced by the Eco. Thus we now have Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. The suspension can also be set up in three modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+.
The 367 HP are keeping a distance to the V8 510 HP beast in the C 63 S, but on the other hand, this power does not mean any less. Back in 1993, the C 36 AMG also with a 6-inline engine was top of the range with 280 HP. As a matter of fact, in the Sport mode, the 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) run only takes 4,9 seconds, by only 0,9 seconds more than in the C 63 S.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 und Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG Pressdrive Portima

Set the Sport+ mode and you will be provided with an unsuspected thrill. The 333 HP biturbo engine with solid injection accounted for an excellent base for the developing of the 450 AMG engine. Just like in last year’s drive test with a C 400 4Matic, we retrieved a respectable pulling force and a boundless joy of reving up.

There is no engine sound system like in the C 63 S sau in the C 63, but in speeding up, the ear is delighted with a mellow tune. As in the C 400, on the in-gear acceleration, an acute sound with high tune can be sensed, more poignant than that of the C 400.

In the Comfort mode, the C 450 AMG has a downbeat driving style like in any normal C-Class, and the noise level is very much reduced. The 4-wheel drive provides much backup to the limit and conveys driving security.

With a drive train that comprises many components from the AMG models, the C 450 AMG 4Matic is challenging while driving it in the Sport+ mode. The electromechanical power steering cuts a dash as excellent as its more resilient brother and the gearbox shifts as fast as in the AMG models. From this perspective, the C 450 AMG 4Matic does not compromise on the sports character.

For about 20.000 euros less (the final price is not fixed yet, due to the fact that C 450 AMG will start in June 2015) than for the C 63 S, the C 450 AMG 4Matic is an option that demands to be considered. Just like the C 63 S and the C 63, the C 450 AMG 4Matic is also available as a T-Model version, which has a special design.

The interior is typically AMG with all the specific AMG gadgets, including the excellent Performance seats with multiple settings for the seating area and for the backrest, optionally available just like in the C 63 S. Of course, there are also various differences. The speedometer is scaled only up to 280 km/h and not up to 320 km/h, and the top speed is limited at 250 km/h, while in the C 63 S and the C 63, you can choose to upgrade the maximum speed limit to 290 km/h. You are not provided with the tiny gadgets like an indicator for the pressure of the supercharging, nor for the temperature of the engine or gearbox oil, but you get the superb 3-spoke wheel, the red stitching of the leather upholstery and the exterior AMG package. The C 450 AMG 4Matic is a tamed AMG, but an AMG.


The AMG for the people, that would pretty much be the definition in short of the C 450 AMG 4Matic: a model with an AMG DNA and with an excellent Mercedes V6 biturbo engine. For a price close to that of the CLA 45 AMG, I would flatly go for the C 450 AMG 4Matic.
ModelMercedes C 450 AMG 4Matic
EngineV6, bi-turbo
Displacement (cmc)2,996
Max. Output/revs (HP/rpm)367/5,500-6,000
Max. Torque/revs (Nm/rpm)520/2,000-4,200
Transmission4 wheel drive
L/w/h (mm)4,702/1,839/1,440
Wheelbase (mm)2,840
Trunk volume (l)435
Kerb weight (kg)1.640
Maximum speed (km/h)250
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)4.9
Fuel consumption (l/100 km)7.6
CO2 emissions (g/km)178
Price (euro with VAT)n.a.