Meet the homeless man driving a Mercedes SLR McLaren

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Driving a Mercedes SLR McLaren and begging for money? Well, gas is expensive, of course and that 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine must be hungry as hell. Still, who would believe the prick asking for some change and then getting into the driver’s seat of the car that came for about half a million dollars?

“Do you have any change to spare?” This is the question that got plenty of positive answers around Cincinnati, Ohio. “I am living in my car”, the man briefly told the story of his life.

Retirees, refuges and even real homeless people offered him some change, but their jaw dropped when they saw him opening the gullwing door of the SLR McLaren and eventually asked for their money back. “I can’t do that, this is how I got to drive a Mercedes, by asking for money”, was the shocking reply of the beggar in disguise.

“People work a lifetime and don’t make money enough to buy that car”, was one of the reproaches that he got from people who at first, felt sorry for him.

“Let me sleep in your car with you!” asked a homeless after sharing his earning with him. “No, man, that’s only for the babes”, was the answer that got everyone around nodding in disapproval.

“Can I sit in it for a second?”, a young man asked. “Give me 5 bucks and you can take a picture with it”, the prankster told him.

What would you do if a man driving a half a million dollar car would ask you for money? He’d better use that 3.6 seconds for 100 km/h specification and that 337 km/h top speed to run away, right?