F015 Luxury in Motion – The futuristic car meets art

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The Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion is all about technology. It is the car that drives itself, while the occupants can do anything but drive. But some may see the art in it.

The future of the automobile belongs to the autonomous driving. Mercedes-Benz now presents a powerful visualization of the technology of the F 015 Luxury in Motion.

The autonomous car is thought to be the greatest leap of technology since the invention of the automobile itself. But tech specs are cold and there is more to this automobile than sensors, cameras and LEDs.

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion

Experts in Marketing Communications, art and promotional campaigns have decided to take an artistic approach on the F015 Luxury in Motion, to help the customer connect with this revolutionary breakthrough.

The photos seem truly artistic, but the work for the pictorial was heroic. They came up with the idea of using arrows to symbolize everything that might endanger people as drivers or simple passengers. Once inside, all of the hazards of transportation are blocked on the other side of the cocoon, because the F015 Luxury in Motion is a bodyguard machine, that never gets tired and never gets bored, so it can stay more alert than any human driver could ever be.

F015 Luxury in Motion 3

Natanael Sijanta – Director Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars, Sarah Illenberger – Artist & Set Designer, Julia Hoffman – Head of Campaigns & Sales Literature Mercedes-Benz Cars and Damon Aval – Art Director are those who took a whole new perspective on the autonomous car. They used seven thousand meters of yarn to aesthetically demonstrate how this car virtually senses everything that is going on around it.

Following the “Engine on, hands off” principle, the neon elements depict how time can be used inside the cocoon, since there is no need to drive, nor watcht the road: reading, talking on the phone or texting and even sleeping. The autonomous F015 Luxury in Motion will be driving them home.

But until that moment comes, let’s keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!