Mercedes G-Class in Crazy Color Edition

Mercedes G63 AMG & G65 AMG
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Colorful as hot air balloons and powerful as tanks. Mercedes-Benz is offering the G 63 and the G 65 in the “Crazy Color Edition”. Potential customers who wish to match their car to their outfits, have five options to choose from.

These are tanks in disguise and they come in the strangest colors: the solar beam, the tomato red, the sunset beam, the galactic beam and the alien green are the five options customers can select from. Even though some may require money to drive such a rainbow Mercedes, it is actually the other way around. The most “affordable” color is the solar beam, as it can be ordered for 15 389 euros. At the opposite end of the pricing list, there is the galactic beam, priced at 19 962 euros. Becoming an alien (remember, the G is not an UFO, but an off-roader) costs 18 913 euros.

No matter the opted color, mirrors, roof, bumpers and fender flares stay black.

As an option, for extra 898 euros, the future driver can order the Harman Kardon surround system, the seat comfort package for extra 1,600 euros and the AMG trim elements for 4,165 euros. All Gs get black Nappa leather upholstery and, depending on the body color, there will be red or silver brake calipers.

Sounds like buying a normal G instead of a neon color one and wrapping it in just any color you wish comes cheaper than this.

Those who dream of the glaring Gs will have to wait a bit. Deliveries for the Mercedes G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG Crazy Color Edition will begin in March.

You may not be a fan of rainbow paintwork, especially when it comes to the solid boxy G. But remember one thing: there is always room for worse. Let us remind you that in China, the G even comes in pink! Click here to read more about that!

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