Birthday girl Ellen Degeneres gives Mercedes-Benz models as gifts

Two Mercedes-Benz cars gifted to spectators on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"
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The famous American TV host Ellen DeGeneres has switched tradition. She’s not getting any present for her 57th birthday. At least not on the show. But she gives gifts to spectators instead. Would you dress up as a bunny for a Benz?

Two women came to the show by bus and left each with a Mercedes-Benz. How lucky is that?

Ellen DeGeneres shocked spectators on her show by letting them know they could win a Mercedes-Benz for her very own birthday. It’s a deal made by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with Mercedes-Benz exactly during the week before the Super Bowl, scheduled for Sunday, 1st of February.

First car to be bestowed on the show was a Mercedes-Benz CLA 250.

Hannah Woodley and Crystal O’Donnel completed a flash question test and then an obstacle course, dressed as a hare and a tortoise, just like the main characters in the video ad that Mercedes-Benz will be airing during the Super Bowl, on Sunday. As opposed to the commercial, the hare won the race on the set of the TV show and got the keys of the CLA. She screamed and – like the hares do – jumped for joy!

“It is surreal. I have no words”, was pretty much all the winner Crystal O’Donnel could say.

And then, when the tortoise was almost in tears, the birthday girl Ellen DeGeneres suddenly felt extremely generous and called up on stage another Mercedes-Benz. It was a GLA 250 as a consolation prize for the defeated. Oh, how good it feels to lose! Just this once!

On the same show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres for the past eleven years, the US Vice President John Biden and performer Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman’s husband, showed up. But they did not get any Mercedes-Benz.