Fashion Creatives – Who’s going to stop Me Now? VIDEO

Fashion Creatives, Episode 2
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This second episode from the Fashion Creatives series features Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, fashion influencer Kristina Bazan and Bang & Olufsen’s Creative Director Johannes Trope.

FashionCreativesTemplate01V3Marco is the main character in this short film that takes place in Miami. He gets into a state of irritation when he is asked to write a speech for his attendance at a luxury conference. What does luxury mean to generation Y? Marco is still trying to find an answer to the question, while rehearsing in front of the mirror in his hotel room. By the end of the movie he gets picked up from Copenhagen in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG by a noisy driver who tells him the truth, that his speech is rather boring. The video ends when Marco asks the driver what does he know more exactly about modern luxury. As a genuine mysterious gentleman, the driver replies simply with “Quite a lot !” as he starts the SLS AMG.

It is already known the fact that the internet allows the young generation of film makers and producers to realize their stories and ideas more cheaply and in small teams. They can reach a brand new audience mainly because they are not connected in any way with the large production companies.

What’s more, in order to attract the new audience, online film producers have discovered the short films.

The second episode of the Fashion Creatives series explores this particular approach: How to tell the story of nowadays luxury and the New York International Luxury Conference supported by Mercedes-Benz, that only offers a glimpse of the subject, taking its viewers by surprise. Bo Mirosseni’s film “Who’s going to stop me now?” stars the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Johannes Trope, Bang & Olfusen’s Creative Director and fashion blogger Kristina Bazan.