Mercedes-Benz Calendar – A new Benz every month of 2016

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It is that time of the year, when the shopping craze for presents and the colorful decorations take most of our spare time. Mercedes-Benz has started the countdown to 2016. A dealership from the territory of the enemy, BMW, has released the seasonal Mercedes-Benz Calendar.

Mercedes-Benz dealership in Munich is giving fans the chance to have a new Mercedes-Benz model every single month of 2016. The Mercedes-AMG GT with a floral print, the tinsel C-Class, together with the G-Class covered in a psychadellic wrap will keep the Benz fans company throught the next year.

The new looks of the vehicles are set up by young fashion designers, promoted by the German car brand. Right next to the cars, standing manequins are dressed in outfits immitating the paintwork of the cars.

Mercedes-Benz Calendar

Denim, tinsels, coral and salmon pink, 3D floral embroidery and even the world famous UGG boots or the very simple navy blue are the themes depicted in the pages of the Mercedes-Benz Calendar. Let’s have a merry little Christmas. Or big, depending on your favorite car model.