GLE rival Audi Q7 showcases its rear multimedia system

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The new Audi Q7 is shaping up to be a pretty decent competitor for the larger Mercedes-Benz SUVs -that is if you like the boxy, rectangular design Audi is going for these days. Here’s what we know so far about the largest of the Audi SUV range, and below you’ll find a video of GLE rival’s new rear seats entertainment system.


The current Q7 seems like it’s been around since forever. We’ve become accustomed to seeing its large silhouette going about the city, looking like an elephant among mice. It has had a facelift a few years back and now, in 2015, time has come for a completely new model.

And it truly is completely new. Starting with the chassis and ending up with the virtual cockpit, Audi has gone to town and rewarded all those who waited for this new model with the ability to spec an Audi Q7 with pretty much anything you could think of. And then some.

But this particular video focuses on the multimedia system for the rear seats. The whole MMI interface has been revamped and now uses a large touchpad area and offers both acoustic and haptic feedback for increased ease of use. But those on the rear seats are not left to look at the ceiling and pick their noses with boredom, either. They can now enjoy what is called the “Audi tablet”.

As the name will have you believe, it is a tablet. The only difference between the Audi tablet and you regular Galaxy Tab or iPad is that the former can be clipped on to the rear of the front seats’ headrests and instantly connect with the rest of the car’s infotainment system, and also the internet.

This sounds good and all, but just imagine driving with your kids through a foreign country, desperately trying to find that freeway exit with the help of your satnav, when little Johnnie decides it’s time to set course for Disneyland and punches that into the car’s navigation system. Nah, I’m just kidding, the whole Audi tablet things sounds excellent and I’m sure there are some features to protect the drivers from such unwanted incidents.