Itsy-bitsy smart races world’s fastest in the funniest drag race ever

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Pitting the smart fortwo electric drive against the world’s most devilish cars in terms of power. We never saw that coming! The minuscule vehicle is a definetely a champion of urban mobility, but it could ever be the champion of the drag strip? It is time to find out!

The Mustang thought it was a smart a** against the smart fortwo electric drive. And let’s face it, it really is! The smart needs some extra two seconds to cross the finish line after the V6 powered big white. The tiny funny honey vehicle eats the dust of the American muscle car.

A bad black Audi comes next, looking like a bat out of hell. The Audi puffs and it huffs and it blows the smart down. By the time the Audi turns back to the start line, the smart fortwo electric drive hardly crosses the finish line.

smart audi plane

And they saved the best for last. The sporty red Porsche pitting against the Mercedes cutie pie, that shall not be intimidated by this fireball. But the video doesn’t even show the pay-off. Maybe the smart is too far off to even be spotted.

smart electric drive porsche 2

The smart electric drive with zero emissions reaches a top speed of 125 km/h. And if you were surprised to see its decent start, well, that’s only because the 2,69 meter long car can run from a standstill to 60 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. But it needs 11.5 seconds it reach the 100 km/h mark.

smart electric drive porsche 3

Anyway, it doesn’t even matter. Top speed means nothing in the city, the commercial video says. It’s the first five meters that count.

We are waiting to see the smart against the G-Class. Maybe they cross the finish line at the very same time if the smart is lifted up on the G. Or maybe it can even fit in the trunk.

Shall we laugh some more?