Choose your destination! The Mercedes-Benz SL runs the perfect mile

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Where would you go if you had just one destination to choose? And what would be your car of choice? We have already made our decision! Join us in the search of the perfect mile onboard the new Mercedes-Benz SL.

Perfect timing, perfect weather and a perfect drive down a perfect road. The Mercedes-Benz SL chases perfection along the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway in California.

The elegant roadster infuses into its driver the dynamic driving style, so the man behind the wheel performs some sporty cornering along the winding road. And he can afford it all right! The new SL has come with more powerful engines, with the automatic transmission 9G-TRONiC. Borrowed from the AMG GT sports car, the SL facelift gets the drivetrain selector that puts the car through its paces in five modes: Individual, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Race.

Optionally, the driver can tick the Active Body Control with the curve tilting function for an upgraded experience behind the wheel of the dropt-top fireball.

The new crown jewel from Stuttgart has made its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November, so there is no other better place to put it through its paces than the roads beneath the Californian sun. That is that perfect mile for the Mercedes-Benz SL.