Gone in 60 seconds

Thieves with a slippery wheel drive
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The thieves broke through the window of a jewelry store in England, together with their Mercedes-Benz. Four thieves wearing balaclava helmets and black outfits to hide their appearance, hopped out instantly, but the surveillance cameras have spotted something funny during the attack.

The Police team that watched the video burst into laughter when they saw the images. The robbers meant to look extremely terrifying, flashing guns and axes. But they only managed to amuse. And yes, of course, to rob a jewelry store.

After hopping out of the Benz, they started ice-skating on the shiny floor of the store, stumbling and tumbling as they tried to walk or jump over the counter. They were not impressed by the sound of the alarm, but instead, smashed the glass cases with axes and bagged hundreds of thousands euros worth of Indian gold jewelry, Sky News reports.

As funny as this may seem, the police tells people to be cautious. This is, by no means, a joke.

“Some may think this is a victimless crime, but I want people to be under no illusion. These are dangerous and desperate men, who threatened to shoot a man who was passing by the store at the time they raided it”, Detective Constable Lee Buckler warned population.

Even though the slippery tiles caused problems, they managed to flee the scene of the theft and be long gone in 60 seconds. Police is still hoping the thieves will decide to wear the flashy jewelry and become an easy target for all those that are on the lookout for them.

Armed and dangerous, the robbers with breakdance moves are still on the run, while the authorities keep looking for the masked man that broke in with a Mercedes that was also stolen a day before the theft.