The end of style as we know it. Mercedes-Benz CLS sports bizarre wheels

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Something went wrong with this car in the aftermarket laboratory. Terribly wrong, we’d dare say… Now the candy-red Mercedes-Benz CLS sports eccentrically protruding alloy wheels that make us believe the driver needs a road of his own.

For some incomprehensible reason, this show-stopping CLS is buzzing around Texas. Ok, we got it. A man from Texas wanted to be different at all costs. But how wide must the lane be for the Mercedes-Benz CLS?

It must be a question of taste. But when it comes to safety, it definitely fails. These pointing wheels are a major threat for the safety of pedestrians and other cars, because they really look impossible to dodge.

Mercedes-Benz CLS wheels

And if you might think the odd looking wheels are just four, well, guess again. Since it was impossible to mount the sharply cambered outwards wheel under the car, like any other spare one, this one shines at the back of the trunk, in the fashion of the old automobiles.

Now that we got to see the looks of the CLS, maybe we should just stay away. Something tells us that the outfit of the wacko driver might match this peculiar contraption.