Roger Federer promotes the X-Class in New Year video

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Roger Federer shows up in a video wishing his fans a Happy New Year. Right beside him there is the company’s first series pick-up, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. The Swiss player has signed a multi-year partnership with the premium car maker, which obliges him to attend official events only driving the company’s cars.

19 Grand Slam titles, 95 career ATP titles and the Comeback Player of the Year title. Now, the champion himself wants to thank his fans for a fantastic 2017 and to wish them the best for the year that has just commenced.

The multi-year deal signed between Roger Federer and Mercedes-Benz covers the use of the player’s image, personal appearances and product placement. Mercedes-Benz also provides a chauffer for the Swiss, every time he requests one, but he rarely does that, as he says that driving a Mercedes is pure delight.

The long term relationship with Mercedes is thought to last 10 years. Meanwhile, the Germans don’t need to worry. Federer will not embarrass them by ending up in tabloids. The Swiss is a family man and a proud father of four, so the more space, the better for the former ATP number one, currently ranking second.

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