Fly with us into the future – Daimler CEO plays the flight attendant

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“Dear passengers, welcome aboard and thanks for flying with us today!” This is how the Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche starts his instructions before the plane takes off. What journey is he talking about and why is he a flight attendant? Today, our destination is the future of mobility. So fasten your seatbelts!

We wouldn’t want hazard cut in during our flight, so better be seated and enjoy the ride. The flight to the future might be a little bumpy and turbulences may occur at any moment.

Who’s flying this plane? We’ve got four captains on this symbolic flight: Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, Sharing and Electrification.

“In case your financial controller is seating next to you on this journey and detects flying expenses for the development of electric vehicles, oxygen masks will automatically fall from the compartment above you”, Dieter Zetsche jokes during his presentation.

The over 2-minute advertisement is part of a campaign set up by Mercedes-Benz and long time partner Lufthansa. Their new project goes by the name of “Flying Lab”.