Mercedes-Benz International School. Why students go half-way around the world for it

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Mercedes-Benz does not only built high-quality cars, but also builds high-quality people. This is what the Mercedes-Benz International School guarantees. The education center is located in Pune, India.

Parents go around the world to offer their children the best education possible. And by saying “going around the world”, that is exactly what we meant. Families from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan moved to India to take their children to the school in Pune. And you can tell by the smiles upon everyone’s faces that is was all worth it. Students are all eyes and ears during classes.

Mercedes-Benz International SchoolBut teachers are also all eyes and ears to the students’ needs. There are no more than 15 students in a classroom at one time.

“This is actually really good, because you get attention. It really helps you improve as a student”, says Sahas Bhatia, who moved from Sweden to India.

The school is a three hour journey along a modern expressway, from Mumbai, the Commercial capital of India. Located in Hinjewadi, a fast developing InfoTech Park in Pune’s urban-rural belt, it commands all the facilities and amenities necessary for top class education. And it’s not just during the curricular activities, but also during the extracurricular.

“First thing I felt was that the infrastructure here is magnificent”, says a satisfied Indian parent, Rachna Takle.

A student who came all the way from Germany, Leander Bauer, confirms it: “The football field, the pool, multi-purpose all. I’ve heard that this was the best international school.”

The director of the MBIS, Michael Thompson, is naturally bragging about the school he is running: Mercedes-Benz International School“What we are trying to do with the International Baccalaureate is create inquiring youngsters who will be equipped for the 21st century, for the jobs that we don’t know exist at the moment.”

Students from the MBIS are targeting about 70 colleges from all over the world and by studying there, they already have an ace up their sleeve: any college will accept International Baccalaureate students.

But getting the super high level education comes with a price: The admission fee is 200000 Rs ($3133) not refundable even if the student retires or does not meet the standards of the school. And then, of course, there is the annual fee, between 244 000 Rs ($3823) and 1390000 Rs ($21780) all according to the student’s level of education and the parent’s nationality (Indian or non-Indian passport). Lunch and uniforms come for extra money.

The presentation video will though end optimistically, with a Korean student, Tae Hoon Kim, smiling widely: “I love this school. I love my school!”

It’s nice to hear that after all the “I don’t want to go to school” that we have been hearing (or uttering) in our childhood.