Mercedes-Benz in The Big Race at the Super Bowl

Merceds-Benz teases the ad that will be aired at the Super Bowl
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Mercedes-Benz is going back to Super Bowl and the people in Stuttgart can’t contain themselves. While many brands are trying to keep the video ad a top secret, Mercedes is teasing the ad they will be airing on the 1st of September.

The ad that brings Mercedes-Benz back in business at the 2015 Super Bowl has been created by Merkley & Partners and it will be broadcast during the fourth quarter of the next Sunday’s big game. Mercedes-Benz is planning on giving a contemporary touch to the classic Aesop’s Fables story of a race between a tortoise and a rabbit.

The Big RaceIn real-like sports shows, NFL legend Jerry Rice, thought to be the best receiver in the history of NFL, and ESPN anchormen Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic will invite various guests to debate who will win The Big Race. Experts like turtle or rabbit owners, game tacticians, pro coaches and players will analyze from head to tail everything about the duel of the ingenious tortoise and the cocky Hare.

The 8-year old pet rabbit owner is making his predictions on the Big Race:

Even the bunny Stephanie Branton, Playboy’s Miss September 2014, was invited on the set of “Showdown” to give her arguments why her relative, the hare, is going to win the Big Race. Her backing up was no surprise, but the beauty’s technical explanations simply amaze Jerry Rice:

The Mercedes-Benz team has already created a website where they invite fans to vote for #Team Tortoise or #Team Hare.

Who would you count on? Watch all debates and place your bets! It’s the chance of a lifetime to win an invitation to the Mercedes-Benz Big Race Viewing Party.

Despite all the fuzz, Mercedes-Benz is not giving away anything. The insiders only disclose that the commercial played during the fourth quarter of the game is going to be 60 seconds long and a Mercedes model will play a big part in who wins the race.