Mercedes-AMG GT S – The record-breaker

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The Mercedes-AMG GT S breaks another record. One of its own, actually. A car tuned up by Weistec Engineering managed to cover a ¼ mile distance in just 10.8 seconds.

The video posted on youtube shows two attempts of breaking the world’s fastest car speed record along the California Dragway. For the first try, the GT S crossed the finish mark of the stretch in 10.9 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 126.09 mph (202,92 km/h).

But the second run, four minutes later, saw a tiny improvement. Tiny all right, but big enough to make the Mercedes-AMG GT S a world record-breaker. 10.8 seconds for the quarter mile (400 m) and a 126.25 mph (203,17 km/h) maximum speed.

Yet, for those wondering, the fastest ¼ mile pass was achieved on the opposite coast, 128.46 mph (206,73 km/h), so temperatures surely do have something to do with it. Probably the Californian winter times will go down to 10.5 seconds and the speed will skyrocket up to 130 mph (209,21 km/h).

To make the machinery run with the speed of light and practically look like it floats above the track, the tuner upgraded the ECU, installed high flow air filters, integrated a VTA adapter system and equipped it with downpipes and midpipes. All the changes gifted the car’s V8 biturbo engine with some extra 118 HP and 134 Nm of torque. The removal of the top speed limit of the car is available for $2,950. The air filter set comes for $249.99 and the downpipe – midpipe match starts at $4,249.99.

As for the tyres, the GT S ran on the factory rubber to show what it could do on the street. But please, keep in mind this was done by professionals, on a closed track.

All these upgrades bring a new soundtrack for the movie about breaking records with the Mercedes-AMG GT S playing the leading part.