Let it snow, let it drift – Mercedes-AMG beasts tamed by the queen of ice

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Exhilaration and acceleration in New Zeeland! The world’s most powerful compact car, Mercedes-AMG A45, the all-mighty SUV Mercedes-AMG G63 and the company’s pride and joy, the GT S are the beasts of the kingdom of ice, tamed by the beauty: queen of ice Elena Yarkhunova. It all happens in the latest video launched by the Affalterbach-based performance brand.

A candy-red Mercedes-AMG A 45, defying the white of the snow, comes in through the gate. The driver locks it behind him. It’s a testing facility, access only allowed to authorized persons.

The A 45 is in a hurry, so it slides along the snowy road, throwing the white powder aside. It’s got a date with a Mercedes-AMG GT S. They start dashing through the snow together and suddenly stop as if thunder-stricken. The engines are quiet now.

A beauty shows up to tame the beasts. Professional ice skater Elena Yarkhunova is dancing as if floating above the ice in front of them. The drivers exchange glances. The beauty has got a dancing partner: a Mercedes-AMG G63. The queen of ice and the SUV start doing their pirouettes, one with unparalleled grace, the other trying not to break the ice underneath.

Enough with the art now. The GT sporty, powered by the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo, and the A45, with its 360 HP 2.0-liter turbo engine would stop at nothing.