Compliments from the rival. Mercedes-AMG does donuts and draws the Audi rings

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Is it rivalry? Shall we call it “respect”? Is it just poking fun at each other? Let’s say it is a little bit of all. German automakers challenge each other to make fans smile in the hard times they are living due to the coronavirus pandemics. Audi and Mercedes-AMG amuse their social networks followers.

Mercedes-AMG has a response for Audi’s four rings challenge. The Ingolstadt-based company, Audi asked fans to show their creativity and build the four-rings logo with whatever they may have at hand.

And so did the people from Audi, as they posted a video with colored crayons, beer cans, disposable plastic glasses, chocolate donuts, chips, charge cables and others. The video ended with asking fans to join in.

Four Rings Challenge

Let‘s use our time at home to get creative. Use your imagination to create the four rings and share it with us using: #FourRingsChallenge #AudiTogether

Publicată de Audi USA pe Vineri, 3 aprilie 2020

Fans immediately responded with making their rings out of toy cars, tires, toilet paper and others.

A fan of Audi or not, Mercedes-AMG accepted the challenge as well. The uninvited guest from Affalterbach posted a video in which a C63 Cabriolet is doing donuts, thus creating the well-known four-rings logo.

“We’re all united in the same passion, here we go with our creative contribution”, was the text the accompanied the video on social networks.

Hey Audi, #FourRingsChallenge accepted! As we're all united in the same passion, here we go with our creative contribution. @Audi, we hope you like the result and show us how your handwriting looks like.😉#Audi #Drift #C63 #DrivingPerformance

Publicată de Mercedes-AMG pe Joi, 9 aprilie 2020

It is not the first premium poking fun

It is a permanent fun-poking between the three grand brands of Germany. BMW kicked off when Dieter Zetsche announced his retirement. The Bavarians showed an impersonator of the former CEO driving a BMW i8 Roadster saying “Free at last” after leaving Mercedes.

When BMW celebrated the company’s 100-year anniversary, Mercedes wished them Happy Birthday and told them the first years without them were boring.

Mercedes always turns out to be the surprise guests at other’s parties. This past fall for Halloween, they replied with a joke when BMW tried to tease them by posting a photo and indicating that a Mercedes tried to dress up like its superhero, BMW.

Mercedes fired back saying “That’s really a scary costume! Especially the radiator grille”, making fun of their all-time rival’s ever-growing front end.