The future Mercedes-AMG GT will only exist as coupe

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The future Mercedes-AMG GT will only exist in the form of a coupe because the new Mercedes-AMG SL has also replaced the former version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.

Although the new Mercedes-AMG SL has a 2 + 2 seater configuration, it will also replace the former AMG GT Roadster which is built in a strict two-seater configuration.
When Mercedes developed the new MSA (Modular Sports Architecture) platform and decided that the future SL will be built by AMG on the same platform as the AMG GT, the two convertible models would have competed directly, especially after the new Mercedes-AMG SL has returned to the soft top roof.

Thus, the future Mercedes-AMG GT will exist only in the form of a coupe. Mercedes chief designer Gorden Wagener told Road & Track magazine that the new AMG SL and AMG GT models will offer distinct driving experiences. Although the new AMG SL is now being developed by AMG and has returned to the sporty qualities of its illustrious forerunner, it can still offer GT-worthy comfort thanks to the AMG Active Ride Control pneumatic suspension with hydraulically operated active stabilized bars.

Wagener added that the new AMG GT will not have all the assistance systems from SL because it is “a pure driving car” that will compete with the Porsche 911.

Also, the future AMG GT will have another interior layout. AMG GT will probably take over the MBUX multimedia system with the 11.9-inch portrait screen whose angle to the vertical can be adjusted from 12 to 32 degrees and the virtual instrument cluster displayed on the 12.3-inch screen but we expect the  interior layout to be more driver focused.

The most powerful AMG SL has 585 HP and it is possible that the future AMG GT will have a more powerful version. Mercedes-AMG has not confirmed when the new AMG GT will be launched but a probable date is 2022, after at the end of this year the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will mark the end of the life cycle of the current generation.