Inkas builds the armored limousine Mercedes-AMG G63

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Is it an off-roader? Is it a limousine? Or maybe a little bit of both? It is the armored Mercedes-AMG G63 that Inkas turned into a limousine.

The Inkas experts thought that any extravagant billionaire that lives a perilous life would gladly stretch his billion-making bones inside an armored Mercedes-AMG G63 turned into a limousine.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Inkas (3)

It is not the first time Inkas is doing this, but it is the first time they are stretching and bulletproofing the latest G-Class generation. The model they worked on saw the light of day this very year. The experts elongated the wheelbase by 173 inches. There is a seating capacity of only four, but there is enough room for the two at the rear to travel in comfort, as there is a generous space for long distances.

Luxury bulletproof lounge inside the Inkas stretched Mercedes-AMG G63

And it is not just the space that they are getting. In there they are protected from rifles and they get all the relaxing atmosphere that only high-end sedans can usually provide. There are individual seats with individual control covered in leather and capable of reclining. They also feature heating, ventilation and massage functions.

A powered partition glass wall divides the space reserved for the rear occupants from that of the chauffeur. Because such a limousine, regardless of the level of the ground clearance the vehicle benefits from, it surely is one to be chauffeured.

Mercedes-AMG G63 Inkas (5)

The partition wall hosts 4k flat-screen television. The passengers can control it through the controls between the seats.

The armoring is compliant with the CEN 1063 BR6 standards for protection. The floor can withstand detonation of grenades, while the body can block arm fires up to 7.62 millimeters.

There is the same 4.0-liter V8 of 585 horsepower, with no intervention from the customization company.

Inkas provides no information on the price, but it surely does not come cheap. The price tag of such a transformation of the previous generation was $1.2 million.