Mercedes-Benz shows more photos from inside the Mercedes S-Class W223 flaghship

Luxury and well being in the new Mercedes S-Class w223
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The third episode about the new Mercedes S-Class W223 presents new details about interior and comfort facilities.

In the first two episodes, Mercedes revealed information about the new MBUX multimedia system with the new portrait display and about the drive train that received integral steering for the first time at Mercedes.

The third episode focuses on the presentation of comfort facilities. Mercedes promises that the new Mercedes S-Class W223, that will be revealed on September 2nd, will have a revolutionary interior design which evokes associations of interior and yacht design elements.

Mercedes claims that “with the new generation, the interior has fully evolved into a “third place”, a refuge between home and workplace”.

LED technology enables interactive interior lighting. The active ambient lighting is now integrated into the driving assistance systems and is able to underpin alerts visually. For example, Active Blind Spot Assist warns of an impending collision with a red light animation.

At the same time, active ambient lighting is now part of the Energizing Comfort control. The system can create a suitable atmosphere inside. For example, it can provide an invigorating atmosphere in case of fatigue or a relaxing one in case of a high stress level.

Energizing coach suggests fitness or wellness program based on information related to the type of trip according to the navigation data.

The active ambient lighting system has one LED for every 1.6 cm of optical fiber and their brightness is 10 times higher (200 candelas per sqm) than in the past so they can be clearly seen in daylight. Occupants can adjust the colours and brightness (20 levels) via the MBUX system.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior (1)

The seats of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class come with new ergonomics and modes

The seats benefit from new ergonomics. ADAPT mode allows automatic adjustment of the driver’s seat and steering wheel by simply entering the driver’s height into the MBUX system.

Up to five configurations are available for rear passengers, with two and three seats, reclining seat functions, folding center armrest or business center console.

Because in the USA and Asia but not only, the passengers who sit in the rear seats are the traditional customers of the S-Class, they benefit from new comfort functions like the neck warmer in the “confy pillow” of the rear seats.

The climate control seats now feature radial fans, the bladders for the massage are closer to the surface, which mean closer to the passenger.

Energizing seat kinetics is available for the first time in the S-Class. When the driver selects this program, the reclining of the seat cushions and backrests will repeatedly adjust minutely using the seat settings selected by the driver and the front passenger as the starting point.

Energizing Comfort package was optimized. Character of the program (Refresh, Vitality, Warmth, Joy, Comfort) has been sharpened. There are now more flexible sequence of the individual functions within a program:
– Join mode in which passenger join the running program
– share mode in which passengers receive the suggestion of an own program.