Ice, ice, baby! The Mercedes-Benz Driving Event defies winter

Saalfelden, Austria
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Fairy tale winters aren’t necessarily peaceful. Not when you’re a petrolhead. For the drivers who can’t resort to public transportation when black ice covers the roads, Mercedes-Benz set up the Driving Event in Saalfelden, Austria.

Amateur drivers from all over the world got behind the wheel in the best of cars and were taught how to drive safely and excitingly, from the very position in the driver’s seat to drifts on ice wrapped up in adrenaline. Bridgestone tires made sure that even the hazardous manoeuvres were under control. The exhilarating Mercedes sleighs gave them the time of their lives and shattered their boundaries.

First class instructors kept an eye (and a hand) on everything going on in Saalfelden, on the 120.000 square meter ice arena with various levels of difficulty. They passed on their valuable experience to those who wanted to be better on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Driving Event 2

Laughter, jokes around the camp fire, all provided by the alpine Austrian hospitality, together with stories told over a glass of fine wine. This was the perfect scene for the winter games on wheels.

And this was not the end, but just the beginning. For some more breathtaking driving, check out the official Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Facebook page and maybe get to join one of them. There is so much more to come!