How to kill a Mercedes? You can’t! It’s immortal

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Reliable, long-lasting and strong. These are just three positive adjectives that would describe the Mercedes-Benz cars. And with so many adjectives left available, is there a chance to kill an old Benz? Let’s see!

The filming crew from Fifth Gear, led by Vicki Butler-Henderson, did everything that was in their power to make the engine of an old Mercedes-Benz E-Class stop working. They tried to crush it with a monster truck. They tried to smash the car’s suspension. They even tried to drown it and they put a grenade in it, imagine that! But nothing beats a good old Merc. The engine started again each and every time.

Smash the suspension! But first, there was the baseball bat test. Apart from a few dents, the car stayed intact. Anyway, at least Vicki Butler-Henderson apologized to the car she had hit. And then, more abuse! The crew tried to ravage the suspension of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate by rolling it – full speed ahead – down a dirt road. Potholes and bumps included.

Drown it! Miss Butler-Henderson took the car for a swim into a 3-foot deep pool. Sunk into water, the engine died soon. The driver easily escaped from the water-full torture chamber and then towed the Mercedes out. After a short resuscitation, the engine started again!

Crush it with a monster truck! A 4-ton truck with gigantic wheels climbed on top of the E-Class Estate. The front window on one side was smashed to pieces, the structure of the car seems badly damaged on the left, but believe it or not, the engine still carries on. Just for good old times’ sake.

Bomb it! And they saved the worst for last. They put a grenade in the rear seats. The CD player and the wipers still work. They threw a cannon shot at it. And then they bombed it. When the fire is put out, the Merc is still standing. And the engine starts! You don’t believe it until you see it? Then here is the video of the final destruction attempt.

Nope, the Mercedes cars don’t just die. They are immortal.