Mbrace the Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Mbrace System
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Mercedes-Benz mbrace is the system that can call the emergency number in case of accident, that can track your children when they drive out and that can keep your Mercedes-Benz safe from thieves of valets who fall in love with it. Mercedes-Benz has started installing the mbrace system on its models ever since 2009, but keeps upgrading it. The mbrace owners only need to visit a Mercedes-Benz dealer to get the latest updates.

It started out like a standard equipment on all Mercedes-Benz models except the GLK, C-Class, SLK and the new E-Class Coupe, where it was offered as an option. Subscribing to the service is free for the first six months, but it costs $280 dollars per year once the promotion period is over. Extra $20 per month will cover maintenance.

Mbrace 2

 mbrace – The Guardian Angel

The mbrace system takes precautions for you. Your car automatically calls the emergency number if an airbag or a seat-belt tensioner is activated. The system simply places the call when you can’t. It can even transmit its location and model automatically.

In normal traffic conditions, a voice that is only a button press away, can provide information about traffic signs or warning lights on your dashboard. The system also includes a Roadside Assistance function, which can alert the necessary technicians by contacting the call center. The specialists will know where you are by reading the location provided by your GPS.

mbrace – The Babysitter

You must have had a panic attack the first time your teenage kid took the car for a drive. With the mbrace, you don’t need to worry any more. It will protect you new driver when you can’t, even if it means it will turn you into a stalker. That’s what parents are supposed to be, aren’t they? With mbrace, you can set up the driving zone limits, be alerted if the car leaves the area you selected and also when your son overspeeds.

mbrace – The Policeman

Thieves have targettted your Mercedes. They will surely have a surprise. If the car should leave the parking spot without you, the built-in GPS system can help the police track it, recover it and put the outlaws behind bars. If you should ever forget to lock your car, you can do that even if it’s not in your remote area, just by using your smart phone.

It you don’t feel comfortable when letting a valet park your Mercedes, mbrace will help you be a bit more relaxed. You can set virtual boundaries online by the help of your smartphone and be notified if your luxury vehicle breaks the rules that you set. Mbrace can phone call, text or email you, if your car is going anywhere without you.