Don’t use Google Glass while Driving

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We already know that it’s a bad idea to use your phone while driving, but what about Google Glass? Well, according to researchers, it’s almost the same thing.

A new study finds messaging while using Google Glass a distraction, even though it’s not as dangerous as using the smart phone for the same task. Researchers at University of Florida in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory compared how 40 drivers in a car simulator reacted to a vehicle ahead of them that slammed on the brakes. They found out that subjects that were exchanging text messages while driving using Google Glass or smart phones are equally slow to respond to .

During all the tests conducted by UCF researchers, wearing and using at the same time Google Glass is a clear distraction, compared to those who were simply driving.


Researcher Ben Sawyer declared that “Google Glass did help drivers in our study recover more quickly than those texting on a smart phone. While Glass-delivered messages has benefits, it does not make it in any way driving-while-messaging any safer.”

Federal regulators at Department of Transportation link the dangers of distracted driving with the risk of driving without the seatbelt or driving while being intoxicated with unknown substances. The same department conducted in April 2014 a campaign called “U drive. U text. U pay”. In the United States of America texting while driving has been banned in 44 states and eight states are considering a legislation that would make it illegal to use Google Glass and other wearable computers while driving.