Bond. James Bond at the Super Bowl

The Mercedes-Benz rivals run ads at the Super Bowl
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Other carmakers are not going to sit with their hands folded up front and watch Mercedes-Benz make all the headlines at the Super Bowl, the most viewed sports competition ever to take place on the planet.

First of all, we get to see James Bond. Fifteen years after playing the part of the secret agent, Pierce Brosnan is leaving the sports cars behind to sit behind the wheel of a Kia Sorento, driving along snowy mountain roads. Not by 200 mph as he is used to, but by 30. No sniper in the tree, but owls. No missile launchers, but a mouse. And then there is a cabin. Pierce Brosnan wants it to blow up in flames, but no, no there is no explosion this time. See who’s waiting for 007 at the cabin.

BMW is also making a move on Sunday, at the Super Bowl, presenting its all electric BMW i3 model in its “Newfangled Idea” video, with characters who have just discovered the world wide web in 1994. 21 years later after first using the internet, same characters cruise in the the BMW i3 claiming that “big ideas take a little getting used to”. Of course they do!

Toyota is not going to sit back and watch others having all the fun. They chose Amy Purdy, the Paralympic bronze medalist, to defy odds and gravity and to prove how great she is, even though she’s wearing prosthetic legs and her spleen and both kidneys had to be removed as an effect of meningitis, at the age of 19. Amy can run, she can snowboard and dance like any other. The video that advertises for the Toyota Camry also features a speech by the former pro boxer Muhammad Ali, before his 1974 fight against George Foreman.

In a 30-second ad that will be aired during the first half of the Super Bowl, Lexus is reving up the new NX. The automaker released the full ad on January 15, under the “Make Some Noise” slogan, showing the Lexus NX zipping around a deserted parking lot. Acrobatics, visual pyrotechnics and special effects are part of the storyline.

For the first time in the past 7 years, Audi will not be running a commercial at the Super Bowl. The locals General Motors, Lincoln and Ford also decided not to air any video commercials during this year’s Super Bowl with a record fare for the in-game space of $4,5 million dollars for the in-game ad space. But Chevrolet is sponsoring the game’s MVP award.