C 63 AMG coming out of the blue in Beverly Hills

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The Mercedes C 63 AMG is made to get attention. The bold design, the even bolder exhaust sound get heads turning. But when you cover it in metallic blue, you can be sure there is no way you can get to the supermarket without people taking photos or shooting videos of your vehicle.

We brought you a pink Mercedes, a big blue Mercedes, a golden Mercedes, even a purple one belonging to a wag (who else?). But apparently, none of them was as good looking as the chrome blue C 63 AMG spotted in Beverly Hills. We see such monsters among the American muscle cars, once in a blue moon…

C 63 AMG 3

Los Angeles-based RDBLA customization company has something to do with the way the car looks right now. They wrapped the vehicle in Avery Chrome Blue Vinyl and fitted it in HRE wheels to give it the perilous bolt-from-the-blue look.

The sound of the handcrafted 6.3 liter V8 AMG engine coming out of the quad exhaust sytem, roared in the city of angels and constantly had eyes glued on the monster car.

While cruising in Los Angeles, the C 63 AMG came across a candy red Ferrari 458. The driver of the Italian sporty stayed behind for a little while, just to check out the true blue Mercedes.

So let’s check it out together.