Did this S-Class go through Purple Rain?

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Soccer players’ wives don’t usually get the Physics teachers’ reputation. Nor they go to the library every day to check on Freudian ideas. But when they do, they’ve got to do it in style. And a Mercedes-Benz S-Class that looks as if it went through Prince’s “Purple Rain” would be perfect for them to commute in.

The wife of the Dutch football player Michel Arman Vorm, Daisy, gave her husband the scare of his life. She took the white family limousine to the UK wrap company Yiannimize-Refined to get it pimped up a little bit. The car was coated in a purple wrap to look like what a rapper would use in one of his videos.

Daisy Vorm’s husband plays for the English club Tottenham Hotspur, getting around 5,5 million dollars per year, so he can surely afford just about any car any month of the year!

Mother of two, Daisy Vorn apparently has plenty of time to make and to spend money: she also has her own fashion label, for which where she is an owner, a designer and a managing director, all at the same time. The appealing redhead is widely known for eccentric taste in fashion. That pretty much explains her just as eccentric taste in cars colors. And now, newly picked for the wrap shop, her Mercedes is covered up in purple just like her body is covered up in tattoos.

Daisy Vorm is surely not going to keep a low profile in that purple limo, when she goes to the stadium to see her husband play! To make sure everyone knows who is behind the wheel when she’s taking the purple S along the shopping street, she also got a customized register plate that says “Daisy”.

There’s one thing for sure. The Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper is never going to drive the Purple S-Class again!