Travel in style – The Mercedes-Maybach Exclusive Collection

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The Mercedes-Maybach Exclusive Collection brought the Icons of Luxury at the Geneva Motor Show, to match the Mercedes-Maybach S 650. The portofolio brings a range of travel bag sets, a shoe bag and also a key ring and a matching key wallet.

All products come to match the new look of the Mercedes-Maybach in the two-toned color design scheme. Satin-red / silk-beige, titanium-grey/silk-beige or deep-sea blue/silk beige are the options the items can be purchased in. All are made of genuine vehicle leather, lined with woven lining bearing the exclusive Fleurs-de Maybach pattern, used and processed with sophisticated handcrafting methods, typical for the Maybach sub-brand. All of them are also decorated with the company’s logo.

Mercedes-Maybach Exclusive Collection

The trael bag, bearing the name of “The Jaunt I” interprets the legendary shape of the Maybach emblem. In weekender-format, the bag consists of two large zipped compartments with separate sections.

Meanwhile the shoes can be stored in the leather shoe bag called “The Hideaway I”, made of reinforced leather, in particular on the sole side, with water-resistant lining and wipeable fabric.

Mercedes-Maybach Exclusive Collection

The key wallet “The Cocoon I” matches the shape of the Maybach car-key and is made of vehicle leather in matching color design scheme, also adorned with the classic Mercedes-Maybach Double-M emblem. A high-quality key ring is the “Key Moment I”, with a mechanism coated with fine palladium, sporting the Maybach diamond pattern.

The Mercedes-Maybach Exclusive Collection Icons of Luxury is available starting June 2018, in the dedicated stores in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Abu Dhabi, but also online