Mercedes-Benz celebrates 17 Million Facebook Fans

Mercedes-Benz Facebook community
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This month, Mercedes-Benz’s fan community exceeded the 17 million mark on Facebook. In order to celebrate this new milestone, a group of Mercedes-Benz designers have created a wall-mounted tape installation of the new Mercedes AMG GT at the AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach, Germany.

At some point during the day on 17 November, Mercedes-Benz saw its Facebook fan community getting close to a new milestone, the 17 million mark more exactly. If you check their Facebook page you will see for yourself and, what’s more, they are quickly climbing to a new record. For example, at this moment they have reached 17,042,537 likes.

It is important to mention that the size of their fan base is truly impressive, according to the latest study conducted by one of the leading social media analytics companies – socialBench. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has, by far, the most valuable social media presence from all automotive brands, registering a total value of over 7.2 million euros. Mercedes-Benz is also the first car manufacturer to advertise using the Instagram platform.

The design team at Mercedes-Benz has acknowledged fans’ appreciation and, in this regard, they have dedicated four artists to creating a stunning portrait in the AMG Private Lounge, located in Affalterbach, Germany, entirely made of tape.

We bet you never thought that such an incredible artwork can be made using only electrical tape, without any stencil or other patterns. Thus, they created a Mercedes-AMG GT that races around the track and the “17 Million Likes” boldly written on the road.

Make sure you check their Facebook page and also check the video below: