A record-breaking bonus for a record-breaking performance

$5000 bonus at Daimler
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Since Daimler came across the biggest sales increase in the company’s history in 2014, they also offered the biggest bonus in the company’s history. 135,000 employees will receive a $5,000 bonus.

Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche is smiling his way into 2015 with a good news for the people he is supervising. 2014 was the best financial year in the history of Daimler AG and the managers are sharing the success with the employees.

The Board of Management decided to pay a profit-sharing bonus of $5,000 (4,350 euros) to all qualifying tariff-scale employees. No less than 135,000 people qualify for the money.

Record-breaking bonusThe sums will be paid out to the employees on their April paycheck, so it will be a ka-ching spring. “Our employees played a crucial part in making 2014 the best year in Daimler’s history. With this profit-sharing bonus, we want to recognize their achievement and to thank our co-workers for thei hard work”, says Wilfried Porth, Board Member for Human Relations.

“This is a record-breaking bonus for a record-breaking performance. It is an appropriate expression of gratitude, recognition and motivation for our employees”, says Michael Brecht, Chairman of Daimler AG’s General Works Council.

And it looks like 2015 is going to be even better. Mercedes-Benz has announced record sales in January, already selling 24,619 units. Same time last year, they had sold 22,604. Read more about it, right here!