Game of delusion – Mercedes-AMG is teasing a toy car

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A photo posted on social networks fired up rumors about a new Mercedes-AMG fireball last week. We were expecting some hypercar of 1,300 horsepower, or even the Mercedes EQ vehicle, set to be presented at the Paris Motor Show. But the newly released photos show something totally different! A toy car!

We must still wait for the top secret cars that are to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show. But Mercedes-AMG plays the game of delusion, showing the rear side of what seemed to be a hypercar and all thought of the anniversary vehicle that is to be Mercedes-AMG R50. ‘

Mercedes-AMG Toy Car (2)

’It’s the environmental-friendly Mercedes EQ in the shape of a sedan or of an SUV’’, other claimed. None of them was though in the mysterious photo. Instead, AMG was showing a model car. A toy with a remote control and wheel for children between the ages of 1 and 4.

Mercedes-AMG Toy Car (3)

The new photos posted by Mercedes-AMG show the company’s design boss Gordon Wagener taking this game very seriously and contouring the lines of the Solarbeam yellow toy. He is the man who designed the latest super cars made in Affalterbach, so it won’t be long until he shall send to the road the lines of a hypercar come out of his very hands.

Mercedes-AMG Toy Car