The game changers – Roger Federer and the Mercedes-Benz SL

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Undisputed greatness and a career of dreams. Mercedes-Benz launched the company’s SL campaign and they got a star to match the background of the legendary cabriolet: Roger Federer. Both the Mercedes-Benz SL and the former world number 1 have come to the scene and changed the game forever.

„From the very beginning, the potential for greatness was there. The confident stance, the powerful frame, the dashing good looks. This new-comer dominated the scene like no one ever before”, says the video and it is impossible to tell if it refers to the player or to the car.

The video shows Roger Federer playing in eras when he was actually just a kid. Legendary Rod Laver claims to remember having played against him. But the Australian is double his age. It was though the Golden Age of tennis, the times when tennis players were gentlemen to the bones, all dressed in white and taking bows in front of the spectators.

Roger Federer and the Mercedes-Benz SL“I remember the first time we played, the kid was amazing”, Rod Laver says, playing his part with the prowess of a Hollywood actor. “We were pretty intense rivals back in the day. The kid impressed me with his speed, finesse and that car. Oh, I remember that car.”

The car was a classy classic, a candy red SL that Federer is seen driving in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower and away from the Arch of Triumph.

And then colorful T-shirts and long hair replaced the grace of tennis. With shoulder-length hair, Roger Federer smashes everything that comes his way, breaking his racket into pieces. It was the 90s and he seemed so good at being the bad boy. Doesn’t that remind you of Andre Agassi? A private plane and a Pullman, the sheer animal attitude. Was he missing anything to be the rock star of the tennis world?

And then a new decade brought new change. Stars will come and go, but the excellence endures. This is what it takes to turn the good into timeless legends, true icons of the ages, because true performance is timeless.

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