Cambot, The Real Star in Las Vegas

The Mercedes-Benz robot
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Very smart, terribly cute, with a very nice perspective on life, a bit shy and displaying the most beautiful expressive blue eyes ever! Sounds like the perfect man, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. Actually, he only has one eye and is a robot!

Meet Cambot, the Mercedes-Benz robot, the co-host who helped Dr. Dieter Zetsche introduce the F 015 autonomous driving concept, in 2015 CES in Las Vegas.

By letting the three-wheeled Cambot out on the stage and taking advantage of the Chairman’s charisma, Mercedes-Benz shows, once again, that they take technology seriously, but try to make it fun.

“He is a little shy, because he is not familiar with humans”, Dr. Zetsche said about Cambot. He even joked about the cute robot’s attitude: “I actually think is a little jealous. R2D2 is gets a new movie this year. All he is gets is me!” R2D2 is one of the robotic characters that shows up in all the six motion pictures of the Star Wars series, together with Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Cambot returned later in the show, after the F 015 had been introduced, to project his own HD view onto the screen on stage. The entire Chelsea theater in Las Vegas could clearly see the concept car’s posh interior.

And the video played on the massive screen at the back of the stage did nothing but confirm the German dry humour. The giant red robot and the cartoon character who gave Cambot to Dieter Zetsche ask the Daimler Chairman if he is, by any chance, a robot. Find out the German’s funny answer:

“Customers gain trust based on positive experience with assistance systems,” Zetsche said—technology that people could enjoy or even love.” We don’t know how reliable the little guy rolling around the stage on his three wheels is, but his presence in Vegas is definitely a positive experience. And he seems so loveable!