Product Campaign for the New Smart

"FOR" campaign
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The new smart generation will be launched on the market on 22nd of November 2014. “FOR” is the international brand campaign that has already conveyed how the smart brand sets itself apart from the competition.

Why “FOR”? Well, it sums up perfectly the unique quality of the brand in just three letters. Everything from the brand, to the smart drivers or to the employees, stands for the new mobility concept: more colour, more room and clever solutions while driving just for fun in the urban environment.

smart fortwo, C453

The focal areas of the product campaigns are TV commercials, online and print media and a strong online presentation, plus a new digital brand magazine and an interactive web special. The TV commercial for the new smart fortwo is in the same line as the brand campaign: a vignette concept with modern and rather colourful animations in connection with driving scenes.

Concerning the smart forfour, the TV commercial focuses on the idea that this vehicle has been built to meet the demands of the city. The key message of the print communication for the new smart forfour is “the start among the four-seaters”, because it takes more into consideration the intelligence of the new four-seater. The product campaign activities have started on 6th of October for the smart fortwo, while for smart forfour  they will begin on 10th of November.

smart fourfour, W453

Those who were interested enough have been able to experience the new smart fortwo and smart forfour since the end of July, until the beginning of this month. They had to take part in a competition in order to experience live the new models in an advanced test drive.

The digital brand magazine has also received a new design and revised content orientation.

BBDO Berlin is the agency that created the campaigns and the online special. For the digital brand magazine is responsible K-MB Agentur für Markenkommunikation Berlin.

Take a look at the video below !