Breaking news: First video of the new Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz GLE
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Mercedes-Benz has released the first video of the new GLE. In the 85-second video, the SUV formerly known as the ML covers corners as racetrack chicanes, both on and off the road!

This is the very first time we are seeing the Mercedes-Benz GLE in motion. And we get the exhaust sound as a bonus, since we actually hear the GLE, before we get to see it, in the following video:

The grand brand of Stuttgart says that this is the car model in which efficiency meets performance. The best-seller in the SUV segment comes with an appealing aggressive design, but a reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And for the for the first time in its SUV history, Mercedes-Benz is offering a plug-in hybrid.

The video shows the tradition and modernity of the eye-catching design coming together along the narrow snake-like roads meters above the ocean and escalading steep ramps before starting its hasty descent.

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Running for 85 seconds without losing its breath, nor temper, for a single hundreth of a second, the Mercedes-Benz GLE shows it can handle just about any road situations, throwing debris around when setting off and swiftly changing directions, just when you think it is going to end up in the abyss.

The new Mercedes-Benz SUV boasts an outstanding interior space and the comfort of a limousine, together with high levels of active and passive safety.

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